Becoming A Farrier: Love For Horses, Training And Experience

If you are interested in actually learning the farriery trade, or even if you are simply just looking into the specifics of how this interesting profession works, the information on this page will serve to advance the discussion of how one should properly prepare themselves to become a farrier.

This is a question that comes up frequently in my line of work because I am a full-time farrier who comes from a family of farriers. I have a unique perspective on the industry. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a career as a farrier if you are serious about pursuing this path, and be sure you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. Regarding the profession of farrier, I have compiled a list of some of my thoughts as well as additional resources.

Farriery Introduction: You REALLY Love Horses Right?

This job requires some extreme patience and persistence

Anyone who entered the horse world. probably has at some point wondered whether or not they could become a farrier and whether or not they should. It can be an interesting and captivating experience to watch the blacksmith forge the shoes for the horses, shape them, and then nail them into place. Although there are many advantages to becoming a farrier, there are also many challenges that WILL invariably show up along the way that could be considered disadvantages.

A farrier is always aware that there is the potential for harm nearby. Even if everything seems to be in order, you are still working on another person’s animal, and it is possible for even the calmest and most docile horse to become startled.

It is one thing to work in the vicinity of horses, but it is entirely different to work underneath a horse. Remember that there will be a large number of horses kicking and biting at you during this process.

The demands on one’s body are extremely high. It is said that four hours of working as a farrier is equivalent to eight hours of working in heavy construction. If you have ever picked up an uncooperative horse’s hoof and attempted to hold it in place for more than a few seconds, you have some idea of how challenging this job could be. Any competent farrier will, of course, incorporate correct handling and setup into their work concept.

The amount of theoretical material that a farrier needs to study and practice in order to reach a proficient level is truly enormous. Hard work is not the only thing that a farrier needs to be concerned with; they also need to put in a lot of effort. Enforcing standards of education and apprenticeship is something that is not done in North America, but it is something that is done in the United Kingdom.

The United States and Canada have, unfortunately, been very slow to come to the realization that the role of the farrier is an extremely important one in the life of every domesticated horse. At this point, anyone in North America can claim to be a competent farrier, as the law does not require any kind of formal certification for the position. If you do good work, people will notice, and if you don’t do good work, even more people will notice, not to mention the poor horse! Word of mouth is the true factor that determines the careers of the majority of farriers in North America.

If you are interested in learning how to become a farrier, keep in mind that you should really have a natural interest and ability with a horse before you make the decision to go at it full force. In other words, you should have some experience working with horses already. Asking one of the local farriers in your area to take you out for a day or two and teaching you some of the fundamentals so that you can assist with the work is a useful piece of advice. This will provide you with a general idea of what your typical day might be like when you work as a farrier.

Study and Experience: Preparing for the Farriers Work Field

Forward Thinking Farriers Constantly Update Their Knowledge

The work of a farrier is notoriously difficult. Reading all of the books and watching all of the videos in the world won’t truly prepare a person for the work field of farriery, despite the numerous theories and divergent points of view on each and every aspect of trimming or shoeing a horse. This is an important point to keep in mind, given the breadth and depth of the subject matter.

On the other hand, the farrier trade would not be where it is at the present time if it did not involve consistent self-evaluation through the use of critical reasoning. The scientific research carried out over the course of the last century has resulted in enormous advancements, producing a massive body of work that aspiring farriers can study. It will be beneficial for you to prepare yourself by studying horse anatomy, the techniques for trimming hooves, the methods for making, molding, and shaping horseshoes, the appropriate method for applying a horseshoe, and the handling techniques that are involved during the process. When it comes to becoming a farrier, these are some of the most essential topics to study.

The practical experience gained through apprenticeship is a wonderful complement to the education received in a classroom setting. Observing the transformation of a horse that was lame into one that is sound as a result of the application of a specific shoeing package can be an extremely gratifying and enlightening experience. It is often advisable to go to the nearest “Farrier’s Supply” store (yes, there is such a thing!) and ask to put up an ad offering to apprentice in order to find a competent farrier in your area (for us North Americans) that is accepting apprentices. This can be done by asking to put up an ad offering to apprentice.

IMPORTANT: On the cutting edge of farriery, there are CONSTANTLY new updates pertaining to the treatment and application for a variety of conditions related to the movement and hoof condition of a horse. This information is now closer to being accessible to all farriers regardless of where they are located thanks to the widespread use of the internet.

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