Best Equestrian Horse Book For Riders (2022)

You might have experienced a terrible accident in the past, or perhaps your family, your job, or your mortgage are all dependent on you to such an extent that you are terrified of experiencing another accident. Perhaps there is a jump that you are unable to clear, a trail that you will not ride, or a horse show class that you will not even attempt to compete in. If this is the case, then you should not even try. It’s possible that there’s a horse in the barn that makes your stomach turn simply by looking at him, or that your hands shake whenever you pick up the lead rope of any horse.

Don’t worry about it; you’re not the only one who feels this way. Fear is something that each and every person who has ever been involved with horses, from the most inexperienced beginner to the most accomplished winner, has felt at some point. And in his approachable new book, Nerve: Poise under Pressure, Serenity under Stress, and the Brave New Science of Fear and Cool, journalist Taylor Clark explores and explains how each of us can take control of our fear, manage our worry, and turn even the wildest tension into calm, successful accomplishment. The book is often humorous.

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Best Equestrian Horse Book Nerve

Review of “Nerve” by Taylor Clark This book by Taylor Clark is a very readable, very valuable addition to anyone’s library who is a physical skills trainer, a presenter, a coach, or simply a human being who wants to understand what fear and anxiety are, how they affect us. Through this book, it is possible to learn how to learn to live with and finally overcome the debilitating effects of fear, anxiety, and “choking.” He takes the research of many and boils it down to very accessible and often humorous prose.

How To Kick Fear Out Of The Saddle?

According to what Clark has to say about the matter, the ability to keep one’s cool and one’s self-assurance in stressful and even potentially life-threatening situations is neither a secret nor is it a trait that can be considered exceptional or exceptional in any way.

This thought-provoking book provides a crystal-clear understanding of how we can rein in and direct our reactions, as well as a laid-back (and even playful) approach to partnering with fear and reclaiming our inner calmness. It accomplishes this by weaving together incredible true stories of athletes at the top of their game and soldiers in the darkest depths of battle, air traffic controllers choreographing dozens of planes, and astronauts trapped on failing shuttles with the science behind “the circuitry of fear” and “grace under fire.”

This article is for you if you want to get rid of fear in any aspect of your life, whether it be on a horse or in other aspects of your life. It makes no difference if you are a rider, a riding teacher, or someone who just sits on the fence and dreams about riding – The book Nerve is the one for you to read.

On Taylor Clark’s website, you’ll find additional resources and articles about Nerve. Writers, be sure to check out his article, Nothing to Fear in Fear Itself, which describes how and why he overcame his own anxiety to write the book. Reading Nerve on its own without any other books? It’s Not Just About the Ribbons: It’s About Enriching Riding (and Life) with a Winning Attitude! by Jane Savoie is widely regarded as the definitive guide to peak performance for equestrians. You might find it helpful to read both of these together.

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