Best Horse Book For Toddlers (2022) With Educational Illustrations

Looking for a charming horse book suitable for a child aged three? These picture books are perfect for the youngest readers in your life.

Hush, Little Horsie, written by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Ruth Sanderson

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Best Horse Book Hush, Little Horsie By Jane Yole

Great book! VERY sweet book-especially for children who love horses (like my daughter). It’s a perfect bedtime story book! This is a beautiful book. Very nice quality drawings and the board book pages are glossy.

Sweet Dreams for Little Horse Lovers:

If you know a toddler or preschooler who has a passion for horses, you already know how easy it is to spot them at bedtime: they are the ones who all of a sudden appear to have four legs! Thankfully, Jane Yolen and Ruth Sanderson have written a brand-new children’s picture book titled Hush, Little Horsie. This book will have young children skittering off to their bedrooms and drifting off to sleep in no time.

“Hush, little horsie / Asleep on the farm. / Your mama is near / And will keep you from harm”  begins Caldecott Medal-winning author Jane Yolen’s soothing tale of five mares who watch their foals play and watch over them as they sleep – and of a human mother who reads to her daughter and watches over her as the child drifts into dreams of horses. Ruth Sanderson, the illustrator of more than 80 children’s books, complements the story with a globe-trotting display of luminous and tender portraits. The five equine families include black and white Gypsy Vanners on a lush valley farm, strawberry roan Appaloosas on the American plains (who look a bit like Sanderson’s own horse, Thor!), sorrel wild ponies on Chincoteague Island‘s golden beaches, bay Exmoor Ponies on the moors of southern England, and a grey Thoroughbred mare at a racetrack with her foal, who looks like a huggable baby Black Beauty.

Children are likely to read Hush, Little Horsie multiple times over the course of their reading careers. Each painting is packed to the brim with minute nuances that beg to be discovered. Even the youngest children are encouraged to “read” along with the text because of its rhythm and rhyme. In addition, the narrative exudes the reassuring conviction that mothers care for and watch over their offspring at all times. Hush, Little Horsie is sure to become as much of a bedtime standard for horse-loving children – and horse-loving mothers! The book is as affectionate as a good-night hug, and the illustrations in the book are adorable.

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