Do You Know Which Breed Your Horse Evolved? Horse Breeds As A Possible Cause Of Colic 2021

If you and your Chihuahua decided to move to Alaska, you would take precautions. You’d buy him a sweater…maybe a heated pet bed. Why? Because a tiny, hairless native of Mexico is not built for the tundra. 

The same is true for horses. Some breeds developed in desert-like conditions with very sparse grazing. Lush, abundant pasture may seem like horse-heaven on earth, but in truth, some of these horses may founder or colic more than other breeds better accustomed to these conditions.

If your horse seems to suffer from mysterious bouts of founder or colic, think about where the breed evolved. Arid? Swampy? Hot? Cold? You may need to make some adjustments to her environment to more closely imitate her ancestral home.

Certain horse breed are prone to colic, including Arabians and Quarter Horses, Miniature Horses and Standardbred, Tennessee Walking Horse, and Quarter Horse stallions are slightly more prone to colic than other horses.

Arabians and Quarter Horses sometimes suffer from strangulating lipomas which can lead wrap around the intestine.

Miniature horses are prone to fecal impactions and Standardbred, Tennessee Walking Horse, and Quarter Horse stallions may develop scrotal hernias which can strangulate the bowel.

Understand that having a predisposition to colic does not mean your horse will colic. Stay alert to the signs and symptoms of colic to keep your horse safe and healthy.

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