Do You Want To Be A Humorous Person? Horse Jokes One Liners: Things Farriers Love To Hear 2021

  • “Your shoe fell off…”
  • “He doesn’t bite, he only nibbles…”
  • “He never kicked anyone else, you must have done something wrong…”
  • “You won’t have any trouble catching them…”
  • “It’s the bank’s fault, run it back through…”
  • “Raise his heels…”
  • “Make his foot smaller…”
  • Equus (or any other magazine) says…”
  • “Everyone in the barn says…”
  • “It’s only been four weeks…” (after eight weeks)
  • “Why can’t these be reset?…” (because you can read through the toe)
  • “He never did that before…”
  • “I haven’t had time to pick up his feet…”
  • “I haven’t had time to clean out his feet…”
  • “Can I feed him a carrot while you’re shoeing him?…”
  • “He doesn’t bite hard, he’s only playing…”
  • “I forgot my checkbook…” (always, after the horse is shod)

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