Funny Horse Books & Inspirational Stories (2022)

There are a plethora of books available for those interested in horses. These books, which contain tales about horses, not only entertain but also serve as a source of inspiration.

Horseplay, By Judy Reene Singer

The Socialite Whisperer:

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Best Novel A Horseplay

Light-hearted and amusing plus horse 🙂 – Lovely book – gentle story but very witty and well observed. The terriers are hilarious. One of the best horse/dressage books you’ve read in a while.

Oh. My. Novel. The winner of this competition is Judy Reene Singer’s Horseplay. Or, more accurately, the icing on the cake. Which I devoured the entirety of a can of while I was reading the book. Fudge made with chocolate. utilizing a fork (Without even the smackerel of remorse.) Yes, the narrative is that absurdly liberating and delectably enjoyable: don’t worry about the calories because you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll burn them all off, and by the time you reach the end of the book, you won’t care anyway.

Judy Van Brunt, who is 33 years old, makes the decision to leave her husband after he cheats on her for the third time. She wants to focus on the one thing she still enjoys doing, which is riding. She quits her job as a teacher and drives 600 miles to North Carolina to become a working student at a ritzy dressage barn, but she discovers that even there, she hasn’t been able to escape the insanity she’s been experiencing.

Her sister, “Saint Ruth of the Perfect Life,” badgers her to go back to her husband and medicate herself out of the problems in her marriage, while the neurotic trainer at the barn, the irritable barn manager, and the Queen of Snobby Dressage Riders client goad her into giving up on horses. Her sister also encourages her to go back to her husband and medicate herself out of the problems in her marriage.

Judy is having a hard time finding her place at the barn, but at the same time, a mystery is developing on the edge of the property that involves her, the local super-stud, a masked clinician who is more of a “socialite whisperer” than a horse whisperer, and a pair of Jack Russell terriers who could very well be the masterminds behind the whole scheme. And this is just the beginning of the mayhem that will ensue.

Judy is fortunate in that the three other women who live with her in the apartment located above the barn turn out to be genuine, if eccentric, new friends. Despite the fact that the world downstairs may expect perfection from them – in their riding, in their appearance, and in their lives – together, the four women ride with fervor, eat without fear, and get themselves into – and out of – every kind of trouble that can be imagined and that is impossible.

But Singer takes them even further, exaggerating each caricature until you can’t help but see the truth: whether delightfully or maddeningly, sometimes life is just silly, and often it’s best to follow your heart and let yourself have fun.

Horseplay is the perfect book whenever you need a belly laugh, a dressage whip, and your very own can of frosting. Silverware is optional. Guilt is forbidden. And you can read the first three chapters for free on Amazon. Honestly, what more are you waiting for?

Have you finished – or did you already love – Horseplay? Then check out Judy Reene Singer’s latest novels, both of which include horse-people, horses, and an unusual new kind of four-legged friend: Still Life with Elephant and An Inconvenient Elephant.

An Inconvenient Elephant, by Judy Reene Singer

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Best Novel An Inconvenient Elephant

Everything a good book needs – Without a doubt a very entertaining and worthwhile read; add the off-beat comedy provided by Diamond Rose and you will laugh out loud. Thank you, Ms. Singer.

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