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Farrier and Blacksmith Guilds and Associations have a long and storied history. Some have existed for hundreds of years, others are new. They’re quite diversified and serve many purposes. Each person has their own reasons for joining one or several of them. Some farriers and blacksmiths join simply for the camaraderie of getting together and socializing with others of the profession. A good many join because they like to compete in the shoeing and forging contests. But most farriers and blacksmiths join for what are probably the best reasons of all, to further their knowledge and enhance their skills.

These organizations may be separated into two basic categories: Regional/State/Local and National. Many people belong to both their Regional, State, or Local as well as a National Association.

Here’s a few sites that may interest you on your quest for horse knowledge:

Regional, State and Local Farrier Organizations:

National Farrier Organizations:

Regional, State and Local Blacksmith Organizations

National Blacksmith Organizations

More Farrier Associations and Clubs

  • American Farriers Association
  • Ontario Farriers Association
  • Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association
  • Western Canadian Farriers Association
  • Farriers Registration Council of Great Britain
  • Farriery Training Agency of Great Britain

Farrier Schools


  • is a website known for its extensive libraries of horse knowledge, but mainly for the excellent forums that are populated with full-time farriers, vets, and horse owners from all walks of life.  If you’ve got a question or a particular problem that needs solving, there is bound to be a competent horse person that has the knowledge you need found here.
  • Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog – A very informative blog written by the editor of Hoofcare and Lameness Magazine
  • Equine Lameness Overview Page – A page related to some of the varying lameness conditions that can be found in a horse.
  • List of Horse Breeds – a huge list of horse and pony breeds found at Wikipedia.
  • List of Horse Coat Colors – this site has a great overview of the different colors of horses, with some extensive discussion on genetics.
  • Horse Facts and Information  – interesting facts about horses
  • Horsetopia Classifieds – Horse classifieds directory
  • The Horse Forum – Great forum for all subjects to do with horses

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