Hoof Care/ Preparation Principals For The Barefoot And Shod Horse 2021

Here is a set of hoof care/ preparation principles for the Barefoot and Shod horse. In all disciplines from jumping, driving, to ranch work.

These principles along with proper application and trimming protocol give us the opportunity to better meet the biomechanical needs of domestic horses that are unable to maintain proper function due to physical or environmental issues.

How often should I get my horse’s feet trimmed or reshod?

At least every six to eight weeks.  However, In some situations, they may need to be done as soon as three to four weeks.

When should I start getting my foal trimmed and how often?

Trimming can start as early as possible, usually around two weeks old is a good time to evaluate how things are progressing.  The babies grow and change so quickly which makes short interval trimming very important.

Do I need to use hoof dressing?

Hoof dressing is expecial important to use when conditions are wet or you are bathing often.  It is also important to prevent further damage due to other enviromential conditions. 

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