Best Horse Books For Teens & Young Readers (2022): Animal Lover Fictions To Buy Before 18

There are lots of books that draw a beautiful story with animals. Among them, I brought some recommendations that are trending now as great fictions. Not that difficult for teenagers, but also heart warming for adults.

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Best Horse Novel Now

Simply elegant and beautiful – An absolutely beautiful book that the world needs right now! The artistic style is simply elegant. Just truly beautiful illustrations. And the story of the boy and his animal friends is charming and encouraging, especially to anyone struggling to find peace in the world. It’s is refreshing to have such a simple message about love and friendship put so perfectly in his messages. 

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Best Horse Trilogy

 Horse and Rider Connection – The storyline is engaging and especially interesting to those who know horses. While this is fiction, it would be a tiny stretch to take what many riders do today and have this expanded connection. Fun and uplifting, this book will entertain and encourage you!

Emma Dilemma, the Nanny, and the Best Horse Ever, by Patricia Hermes

Yes, The Best:

Ten-year-old Emma wants a horse, but not just any horse. She wants the Best Horse Ever, a big bay gelding named Rooney who lives at a stable down the street. The good news? Rooney’s for sale. The bad news? Emma and her family can’t afford to buy him.

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Best Horse Book

This is a very nice book for girls who love horses – This is a heartfelt story that teaches a lesson on home, love, and friendship while still following Emma on her crazy adventures.

It’s a dilemma, and it’s not the only one. When Emma turns to her best friend, Luisa, for help, she finds out that Luisa and her family are moving out of town. Good-natured chaos ensues as Emma tries to solve both problems – and accidentally causes a few new ones! In the end, though, Emma discovers that cooperation is the key to finding creative solutions and that friendship depends on where friends’ hearts are, not where their homes are.

Masterfully blending honesty and comedy, Emma Dilemma, the Nanny, and the Best Horse Ever is a charming and compelling modern children’s horse novel. Author Patricia Hermes also includes an environmentally friendly theme, making it great book for celebrating Earth Day and showing young horse lovers how equestrianism and eco-consciousness can go hand-in-hoof. Kids ages 7-10 will surely agree that Emma and Rooney are The Best Ever, and read on, laughing and learning, through the rest of the six-book Emma Dilemma series.

The Wonder-Book of Horses, by James Baldwin

The First Horse: Ship of the Plains, by James Baldwin, from The Wonder-Book of Horses

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✅ Best The Wonder-Book Of Horses

JAMES BALDWIN – The eighteen stories in this volume have been chosen with a thought to their educative value as well as for the intrinsic charm of the original narratives, which in various forms have delighted many generations of readers. All have a literary interest connecting them with subjects with which every educated person is supposed to be familiar.

According to Greek mythology, the people of ancient Athens were the first to see a horse. When challenged by two gods, Poseidon, the sea-king, and Athena, queen of wisdom, to choose only one of them as their protector, the people asked them each to offer a gift. Poseidon responded first – and in James Baldwin’s retelling of the myth, the scene unfolded this way:

“…Poseidon strode haughtily forward and smote the bare rock with his trident. So heavy was his stroke that the entire hill trembled beneath it, and a deep, narrow cleft was opened in the solid limestone. Then out of the fissure there leaped a snow-white horse with flashing eyes and arching neck and impatient feet. It was the most wonderful creature that the people had ever seen, and they were terribly frightened by his sudden appearance.
‘Behold the horse!’ said Poseidon. ‘Behold the noblest of all beasts, man’s best friend, the emblem of power and strength and of your own glorious future with me as your patron and protector…'”
Athena offered her gift next, and the people made their choice. Find out what happened by reading the rest of the story, The Ship of the Plains, at The Baldwin Project. On that site, you can also read – and download! – the rest of Baldwin’s collection of equine-centered myths, titled The Wonder-Book of Horsesfor free.

Interested in learning more about the true history of horses? Explore the International Museum of the Horse’s outstanding Web presentation, The Legacy of the Horse, and check out these blue-ribbon horse histories!

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