Horse Health Management: Reasons To Visit A Equine Vet


Reproductive services can include embryo transfer, and broodmares of all types are agisted in the stud season to determine the ideal time for live cover or insemination by frozen or chilled semen.  Vets can also make house calls to monitor mares for breeding if required.

Foal Medicine

Vets have significant experience in the care of foals with all ailments.  Vets have facilities to monitor them at the clinic or on-site.

Microchipping and DNA

  • Minor Surgeries in field

Vets can suture wounds, do foal hernia surgery, lump removals, and geldings at our clinic or on-site.

  • Race and Performance Horses

Vets offer a complete range of services for the care of all racing and performance horses.

  • Race Meetings

Vets have extensive experience in the harness racing and thoroughbred racing industries.  They regularly attend horse trials and race meetings in both codes in official Veterinary roles.

  • Lameness

Lameness is a common problem.  Lameness can include foot abscesses, joint infections, tendon strains, fractures, and many more ailments. Vets offer full workup, diagnosis, and treatment when required.

  • Eyes

Vets believe that they should be contacted if there appears to be any problem with your horse’s eyes, e.g. a discharge, swelling, cloudiness, and any other unusual features.  It can be a simple problem or a serious problem requiring continual treatment.

Vaccinations and Health Checks

  • Pre-Purchase Examinations

Vets provide pre-purchase examinations for horses of all pursuits.  All our examinations are conducted in accordance with the Equine Veterinarians Australia guidelines.  Digital x-rays, ultrasound examinations, endoscope examinations, and drug screenings can be included in a pre-purchase examination at the purchaser’s request.

  • Veterinary Specialists

Vets can refer cases to veterinary specialists when required.

  • Pathology

Vets have access to veterinary pathology services when required

  • Emergency calls including horses with colic, and injuries.

Vets usually provide a 24 hour a day on-call service for equine emergency calls.  These calls include colics, injuries, and sick foals which need to be seen as early as possible.

Ultrasound examinations

for reproduction and on tendons and ligaments.

Digital X-Rays

Vets conduct a digital x-ray service that can be provided to our clients by CD and can also be emailed as requested.

Endoscopic examinations

Vets can evaluate the upper respiratory airways of any horse using our portable scope.

ECG examinations

 for cardiac (heart) readings.

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