10+ Basic Horse Hoof Trimming & Farrier Tools Needed By Every Owner

Horses frequently have problems with their hooves becoming overly long over time. To maintain the same form, you will need to perform some trimming. In order to accomplish that, you will need to make use of a few different pieces of equipment. These topics will serve as the foundation for our conversations here. This article will assist you in locating the fundamental farrier tools that you will need for your horse.

Here is a list of the ten most essential horse hoof trimming tools that every horse owner should have:

Hoof Tester

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Best Horse Care Farrier Hoof Tester

Best Quality – 13″ Stainless Steel Professional Grade horse Hoof Tester. Every tool is hand crafted by your skilled crafts persons to ensure the best quality.

Even before attempting to trim the hooves of the horses, you need to test and determine whether there will be any pain, and if there will be, you need to find out exactly where it is located. When trimming the hooves, it is imperative that this step be taken in order to avoid causing any further injuries or pain to the animal.

Hoof Gauge

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✅ Best Brass Horse Hoof Gauge

Works well – Arrived on time, well made, heavy duty. Nice hoof gauge. The hoof gauge is used for measuring the angle of the hoof bottom to the front wall. Used by professional farriers and veterinarians, hoof gauges are valuable farrier tools and veterinary supplies. This particular model is our best seller primarily because of its price point, and it fits the average sized hoof.

You can determine whether or not the horse has the correct balance on its feet by using this particular piece of apparatus. Particularly, it examines the angles formed by the feet as well as their orientation. The apparatus generates more objective measurements and results.

Hoof Stand

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Best The Blacksmith Model Hoof Stand

Hoof-it hoof stand – Works great. Saves your back and the support Helps the horse feel more easy and less likely to wanna move.

As soon as you have completed a nailing job, you will activate the hoof stand so that it can finish the job. When lifting an injured leg, the strains that are typically experienced can be alleviated with the assistance of the tool. When searching for one, you need to make sure to do your research thoroughly because it comes in a wide variety of forms and dimensions.

Nailing or Clinching Block

A small piece of metal with an acutely pointed edge serves as the clenching block or nailing block in some contexts. It plays the role of setting the nails right before clinching them when it is positioned beneath a nail that has been rung off. In addition to this, it comes in handy when removing the shoe.

Nail Clincher

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Best Horse Shoe Hoof Nail Clincher

Horse Shoe Care Tool – 12″ PROFESSIONAL HORSE SADDLE TOOL CLINCHER PLIERS: This is a Tack Master 12″ Clincher. Drop-forged from chrome vanadium steel.  Considered the top of the line in Equine Tools among professional farriers. Tack Master products are famous for following reasons: Sharpness Easy to use Durability Specially designed for precision and ease of handling in delicate treatments. RIDERS CORNER clincher – A tool used to clinch nails or bolts or rivets.

The primary application for this one is, as its name suggests, when one is attempting to fold the nail over in order to keep the horseshoe on the hoof. One of them comes in the form of an alligator, while the other takes the form of a ball. Both of these variations can be purchased.

Farrier’s Nailing Hammer

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Best Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker

READY FOR ACTION – This manual tacker is great for professional or household projects where precision isn’t necessary, like insulation, house wrap, roofing underlayment, or flooring; The hammer design supports rapid action and reduces strain.

When putting the shoes back on the horses, the nail hammer is used to drive the nails into the hoof as deeply as possible. They are more compact as well as more resilient. Because of this, they are in a much better position to deliver excellent results. However, you should take care not to punch them too hard.


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✅ Best Cast Steel Anvil Blacksmith

FULLY POLISHED -This Iron Anvil has fully polished surface area, The flat surface has been ground to a great finish, and the rest of the anvil was dipped in a protective paint/enamel. It’s a great tool for crafting small stuff like silversmithing.

The shoes of the horses are placed on top of the anvil so that they can be molded, shaped, and styled in the appropriate manner. The anvil provides the necessary support, vitality, and strength for successfully driving the nails into place. You need to locate the appropriate anvil for the task at hand.

Hoof Nippers

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Best Hoofere Professional Hoof Nippers

Professional Farrier tools – Consisted of a hoof rasp, a hoof nipper and a hoof knife. They are all precision manufactured from special alloy steel. Each knife and rasp is sharpened before shipping and sent in a protective tool case.

Nippers are useful tools to have on hand if all you want to do is trim the walls of the hooves to the desired lengths or remove any excess soles or soles that are damaged. When trimming down an overgrown hoof or when there is a need to cut off excess rasping, you will find that these tools come in especially handy.

Farrier’s Knife

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Best Farrier’s Knife

Comfortable grip – Right handed, narrow blade hoof knife, removes excess sole & trims the frog, stainless steel blade maintains its sharp edge for clean, fast cuts, hardwood handle is shaped for a comfortable grip in the right hand.

Knives are utilized primarily for cutting excess soles as well as the frog that is located at the horse’s feet. Both a left-handed and a right-handed version of these knives are on the market. You need to try out a few different ones to find the one that works best with your hands.

Farrier’s Rasp

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Best Farrier’s Handy Rasp

Perfect for resin and plaster too! – Actually using this for the burrs on the back of resin pieces and leveling small tiled. Heavy enough to lay it on the table and run the backs of your small resin pieces across it until flat. More for taking off the rough and leveling than final finish sanding of course but what a time saver! Do purchase wire file cleaning brushes as the file fills up quickly and remember to wear a mask when filing or sanding resin works.

Because of its multitasking and highly versatile nature, a rasp is useful for a wide variety of jobs and applications. You can use it to file the nails, and it will help you keep the hooves at a consistent and even height. In certain circumstances, it may even be used to finish the trims after the removal of some nails has been performed with it.


You now have access to them. In point of fact, the tools that we have highlighted and described above come equipped with everything you need to achieve some success in your endeavors. Keeping this in mind, you are left with no other option than to acquire them and put them to your own personal use. You can let us know through the contact page if there are any essential horse hoof trimming tools that we have overlooked.

If you are interested in purchasing a set to simplify the process of caring for your horse’s hooves:

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Best Horse Hoof Trimmer Tools

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Best Electric Horse Hoof Trimming Tools

Used by Horse Owners, Veterinarians, Zoo Keepers and Professional Farriers – Make sure to watch the demo videos before buying, it is a little more advanced and can be out of your comfort zone.

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