Horse Training Secrets For Busy Horse Owners Short On Time: “Quick To Do” Training Tips For You 2022

Imagine the following. One day, you are running late for work. You glance at your watch and see that you will have approximately three minutes to give your horse some food before you have to leave. In addition to that, it seems to get worse every day. You become more aware that your life is becoming busier, and you find that you have less time, if any time at all, to spend with your horse.

Should you put him up for sale? Should you keep him? What do you do.

It depends. If all you want from a pet is one that consumes a lot of hay, then you might be able to afford to keep one like that. If you want to ride him but know that you won’t have the time to do so, you should think about selling him. (Ouch!)

You can keep your horse “tuned up” if you know that you will eventually have time to ride by performing some “quick and easy to do” horse training maneuvers on him. However, if you do not know when you will have time to ride, you should not try to keep your horse “tuned up.”

For example, you only have about two minutes left to feed your horse before you have to leave for work. You react quickly and dash outside to retrieve some hay for him. Just before you give him his meal, you will sit down next to him and work on his backing up.

Providing him with support is an excellent way to ensure that he is “tuned up.” Why? You manage to get your horse moving. You will earn more and more of your horse’s respect each time you are successful in getting him to move. Utilizing the horse’s psychology to implant the idea in his head that you are in charge is essential to getting the horse to move. The leader. The person in charge.

There are a variety of other exercises besides just backing up.

Imagine that you have a horse that won’t come to you no matter what you do. It’s likely that he’s afraid of you or just doesn’t trust you, which is why he won’t do it.

However, for the next few weeks you will need to go feed your horses while holding a halter and a brush in your hands. Brushing is very relaxing for horses. You will almost never have trouble getting him to come to you once you have successfully communicated to him that the halter is synonymous with pleasant experiences.

Here’s a good one that a lot of people aren’t aware of: If you can manage it, blow a loud whistle whenever you go to feed your horses. You can usually call horses in from a wide open field by whistling in a specific manner and remaining consistent with how you do it. If you whistle in this manner, the horses will come running.

Do you want one more hint? Give this a try.

Come up close to your horse and pet him on the withers right before you feed him. If you are standing on his left side, insert your finger into his flank (the area around his ribs and hips). Keep that in mind. If he does not move, the pressure should be increased and maintained. If he does not move, the pressure should be increased even further, and it should be maintained. Continue doing this until he moves away from the pressure that’s being applied.

Petting him on the head as soon as he moves should earn you a reward from him. Continue doing it for a few more times, and then move on to his right side.

The horse picks up a few new skills as a result of your efforts. First, it shows him how to deflect pressure by moving away from it. Because pressure is a means by which we can communicate with the horse, it is important that he understand how to avoid it.

Second, you are instructing your horse to move his hindquarters away from you as part of the groundwork that you are doing. Therefore, when you sit on the saddle and apply pressure with your boot in the same area, you have primed him to move away from that pressure; he moves his rear end away from your foot. This is because you have primed him to move away from that pressure.

Not only is this an excellent tool for releasing the hindquarters of a horse, but it is also an essential component in the process of teaching a horse to sidepass.

There are even more “quick to do” training tips that you can use with your horse. These are just a few examples of what you are capable of achieving each day even if you only have a few minutes available to you.

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