How To Catch A Horse In A Field? Tips Recommended For New Horse Owners 2021

First: a slip knot. Never tie a slip knot around the animal’s neck. If you intend to use a slip knot fasten it only to the halter. Also, when tying to a fence or rail be sure to tie the horse up fairly short so he will not be able to get his leg over the rope and cause a burn. A bowline knot can be safely used directly around the horse’s neck.

Sometimes a new horse is hard to catch in a pasture. If you carry bits of carrot or apple when you go to catch him you will find he will come to you as soon as he sees you. Don’t approach in a hurry. A horse who thinks you are not interested in catching him will soon approach you with the hope of a “handout.” If you have taught him to “come,” then stop and wait for him. Some like to run a little, to tease, before they decide to come to you. Let him have his fun; it is quicker than chasing him. Don’t leave your horse tied for hours at a time. Always tie him while grooming or cleaning his feet.

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