How To Prepare For A Beach Moonlight Trail Horseback Ride? Tips To Spend A Great Evening 2021

Have you ever wanted to experience an evening trail ride? It is a really cool feeling to go trail riding at night with the trees swaying in the cool evening breeze. The Moon shining enough light so you can see the trail. This is a fun and exciting evening that you and a friend can enjoy. You can do it each of the monthly full moons to experience the beautiful skyline. It is all about fun and safety. There should be no alcohol or drug use throughout the event.

Many people ask what should I bring to the moonlight trail… Well here is a simple list of things that you should bring so you are prepared for a great day at the ranch with the horses. 

  • Long pants 
  • Hat
  • Closed-toe shoes (not steel-toed)
  • Bug spray 
  • Sunblock
  • Beverages (water, tea, soda, ext.)

You should also spend time to understand the trail in advance, study these

  • Trail guide
  • Google Maps location
  • Property map
  • Property overview video

Other Safety considerations:

  • Pick a trail or beach on a night that provides us with enough light to follow the trails.
  • This event should be alcohol and drug-free!!!!
  • Are you a new rider or feel out of practice? You should try horse riding in advance to better judge your confidence level before the nightly event.
  • If weather conditions are poor, you should re-schedule the event for a different night.


  • The idea is obviously very attractive for couplesBring romance and fun back into your evenings by horseback riding under the moonlight skyline. Trail riding on a horse at night makes for a very romantic and adventuresome evening.
  • Wildlife viewing: The diversity of natural systems provides habitat and feeding areas for a wide variety of species, you may find gopher tortoise, bald eagle, little blue heron, eastern indigo snake, deer, turkey. Woodland birds, such as warblers and woodpeckers, and manatees are found in this reach of the St. Johns River.

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