List Of The Best Christmas Holiday Books, Stories, Music & Movies On Horses 2022

The majority of historians agree that the sleigh races that took place in the 1850s between the two small towns of Medford and Malden in Massachusetts served as James Lord Pierpont’s primary source of inspiration when it came to writing Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells, on the other hand, grew from its humble beginnings on those lightly traveled country roads into a one-horse open sleigh stampede. The song is now sung during the holiday season in villages, towns, and cities all over the world. When the astronauts of the Gemini 6 mission used a harmonica and tiny sleigh bells to play the song over the radio to NASA Mission Control in 1965, they made Jingle Bells the first song ever played from space. The lyrics “Jingle all the way” even trotted onto an entirely new frontier at that time.

Jingle All The Way: Jingle Bells Books And Music, From James Lord Pierpont To The Astronauts Of Gemini 6

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Best Jingle Bells Book By Iza Trapani

Love this book – This is such a beautiful was to teach holidays around the world. The illustrations are stunning too! Beautifully illustrated book ..great resource to explain how Christmas is celebrated around the world. A very good presentation of Christmas around the world. Scans beautifully with lovely illustrations. Good background info (at the back) on all the various traditions.

White Christmas By Bing Crosby

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Best White Christmas Book By Bing Crosby

Excellent album! – Great album! Lots of fun to play during Christmas Holidays as it reminds all of your white Christmas’s growing up in every age. Bing and Christmas go together perfectly. All the best songs with the best voice! Puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O’er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight!

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way;
Oh! what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way;
Oh! what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh!

Add a little jingle to your holiday season: read the song’s complete lyrics and surprising history at Wikipedia, download the sheet music for free at Cantorion, and check out these Jingle Bells recordings and books…

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Best Book Christmas On The Range

Loved it–oldies but goodies – In this age of most Christmas albums all having the same songs over and over again, it was a nice change of pace to hear some different songs. Not only that, they were upbeat and not negative. Many of the newer songs out there are making fun of Santa or casting him in a negative light, but not on this album.

* Music: Jingle Bells is one of the most performed songs in history. Since its first release in 1857, thousands of musicians have played and recorded it. If you’re looking for a classic rendition, be sure to try the recordings by Bing Crosby and the Andrews SistersNat King ColeElla FitzgeraldJulie Andrews, and Roy Rogers. Or spice up your season with Jimmy Buffett’s island-themed tuneThe Three Tenors’ – Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti’s – operatic version, and the rock’n’roll cover on Glee‘s 2010 Christmas album.

* Jingle Bells: A Pop-Up Holiday Song, By Eren Blanquet Unten

This dazzling pop-up book is the perfect way to get your young horse-lover fan acquainted with Jingle Bells and sleigh rides! Young children will be swept up in the exhilarating fun of the song’s sleigh ride thanks to the intricate and ingenious pop-up illustrations, most of which star a merry and spirited horse. The text is simply the first two verses of the song.

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Best Jingle Bells: A Pop-up Holiday Song

Oh, What Fun! – This is just the cutest book ever! The pop-ups are clever, and Eren Unten’s illustrations are stunning. She has created a wonderland of vibrant colors and adorable children that you will just fall in love with! Simply Wonderful!

Jingle Bells, By Iza Trapani:

(This image can be found at the very top of the post) This book begins with the first two verses of Jingle Bells, and then adds seven new singable verses that visit Christmas celebrations in Italy, Kenya, the Philippines, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. It is illustrated by Trapani’s joyful and lively watercolors. At each stop, additional children pile into the horse-drawn sleigh that is flying, and at the end, the horse carries them to a Christmas party that they all attend together – as if they are new friends. The final section of the book includes sheet music, lyrics, and information that is kid-friendly about the Christmas traditions of each country.

My Very First Winnie The Pooh: Pooh’s Jingle Bells, By Kathleen Zoehfeld:

On the evening of Christmas Eve, Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, and the other villagers of the Hundred Acre Wood come to the conclusion that they should assist Santa Claus by delivering gifts to their respective friends. When Owl informs them that their sleigh will “need some locomotion,” they naturally turn to Eeyore for assistance. After all, who else would they turn to? Young readers can sing along to Jingle Bells as the characters go dashing through the snow, and they might also find themselves imagining how they, like the characters, can be “Santa’s helpers.” Young readers can sing along to Jingle Bells as the characters go dashing through the snow.

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✅ Best Book Jingle Jingle By Nicola Smee

Richie’s Picks: JINGLE JINGLE – This is Nicola Smee’s second book featuring Cat and Dog and Pig and Duck and Mr. Horse. In the first book, CLIP-CLOP!, the four animals get up on Mr. Horse and insist that he go faster and faster. And then, when Mr. Horse stops short, the quartet go flying off into a haystack. Of course, they want to do it all again.

* Jingle Jingle is a book written by Nicola Smee. In this story, Mr. Horse invites Cat, Dog, Pig, and Duck to ride in his sleigh. However, when Mr. Horse hops in the sleigh himself, he realizes how enjoyable it can be to ride in a sleigh with friends. This book does not contain any of the lyrics to the song “Jingle Bells,” but the story it tells is hilarious, playful, and friendly, and the illustrations are so cute that you will want to hug them. Whether this is your young horse-first lover’s or second jingle-bell season, or whether you’d like to have a book on hand that will brighten and cheer the spirits of anyone who reads it, Jingle Jingle is a very merry must-have for the library of every horse-lover!

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