Percy Jackson Horse Book Series & Movies Review (Best For Teens 2022)

     Then, about a hundred yards out to sea, three white lines appeared on the surface. They moved fast toward the shore, like claws ripping through the ocean.
As they neared the beach, the surf burst apart and the heads of three white stallions reared out of the waves.
     Tyson caught his breath. “Fish ponies!”
     He was right. As the creatures pulled themselves onto the sand, I saw that they were only horses in the front; their back halves were silvery fish bodies, with glistening scales and rainbow tail fins…

– from The Sea of Monstersby Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters – A Book and New Movie by Rick Riordan

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Best Horse Book Series The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

A Sensational Mix of Greek Mythology and Modern Day – The sea of monsters was another perilous quest of Percy Jackson in which he has to save his friend Grover and camp at the same time. This time he gets little help from his father and other gods. This book showed the strength of teamwork, friends, and family (even though it’s messy) and how these three bonds together can conquer the biggest enemy and help in completing any quest.

Rick Riordan’s best-selling teen series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, unfolds like a Greek-myth-themed Harry Potter. Book One, The Lightning Thief, introduces twelve-year-old Perseus “Percy” Jackson. Percy thinks he’s just an ordinary kid with ADD, dyslexia, and hopelessly bad luck – until the day he accidentally vaporizes his pre-Algebra teacher, Miss Dobbs. (In his defense, she had just turned into one of the Greek Furies and was bent on killing him.) Percy discovers that he’s a half-blood son of the sea god, Poseidon, and if that weren’t enough for one day, Percy also learns that Zeus and Hades think he’s stolen their most valuable treasures. If Percy doesn’t find the treasures and return them, a war may erupt that will make monstrous pre-Algebra teachers, pinochle-playing centaurs, and advice-giving poodles the least of his worries.

The Lightning Thief introduces Chiron, the centaur famous for teaching Greek heroes. However, Book Two, The Sea of Monsters, really rolls out the fabulous horses. Wily sea horses, tough mechanical horses, and even a rowdy group of Party Ponies help Percy, his best friend, Annabeth, and his half-brother, Tyson, retrieve the Golden Fleece to keep the vengeful Titan, Kronos, from escaping his ancient prison and destroying the world.

The Sea of Monsters, like all of the Percy books, is invitingly written, fast-paced, and funny, a sure hit for even the most reluctant reader age 10-15. With the entire mythical-horse-filled Percy series already on the shelves and The Sea of Monsters movie coming out this summer, this fish-(pony!)-tale promises an ocean of incredible adventures.

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