Planning To Have A New Horse? Essentials For Running A Horse Farm Or Rescue 2022

It is very costly to properly rehabilitate any sizable animal like a horse. Horses eat on average 10lbs of feed a day and ruffly the same amount of hay each day. This can be a costly venture to put weight on an emaciated animal. There are other things that we have to take into consideration quarterly worming, biannual inoculations. And any supplements that the horse may need to regain any deficiency that it may have. Farrier services every six weeks and any veterinarian needs like floating of the teeth, blood work, etc. Once the horse starts to make positive advances then the horse is evaluated and then trained for the best job that would fit his or her personality.  

Below is a list of items the the ranch could use to help with upkeep of the rescues and as well as the land that they graze on. 

  • Feed, Hay, supplements
  • New or Used tack for training and riding: Saddles, Horse Blankets, Halters, Reigns, Lead ropes, etc. 
  • Grooming items: Brushes, Shampoo, hoof picks, combs, Fly spray, anything in this area of items. 
  • Riding Lawn Mower,
  • Refrigerator,
  • Fans,
  • Tools of any type,
  • Grass seed,
  • Water buckets,
  • Corner Feed Buckets,
  • Pressure-treated wood,
  • Hoses, 
  • Labor time to exercise the horses, Clean stalls, wash horses, groom horses, 

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